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New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa

For foreign workers with a job offer from an authorized New Zealand firm, there is the Accredited Firm Work Visa. The employee must also possess the abilities and credentials required for the position.

Learn More About New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa(AEWV)

The New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa is a type of work visa that allows skilled workers to come to New Zealand and work for an accredited employer. To be eligible for this visa, the applicant must have a job offer from an employer who has been accredited by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

To become an accredited employer, the employer must meet specific criteria set by INZ, including demonstrating a good record of compliance with employment and immigration laws, providing good workplace practices, and making ongoing contributions to the training and development of New Zealanders. Accredited employers have certain privileges, such as streamlined visa processes for their prospective employees.

The Accredited Employer Work Visa falls under the Essential Skills category, which requires the employer to demonstrate that there are no New Zealanders available for the job and that the employment of a foreign worker will have a positive impact on New Zealand.

The visa is usually granted for a period of up to 30 months, depending on the specific circumstances. During this time, the visa holder can work for the accredited employer in the specified occupation.

It’s important to note that New Zealand immigration policies and visa requirements can change over time, so it’s advisable to consult the official website of Immigration New Zealand or seek professional advice for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the Accredited Employer Work Visa.

A temporary work visa is the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV). If you get a work offer from an approved employer, you can apply for it. You might be able to gain residence quickly or after two years.
The AEWV superseded the following six work visas when it went into force on July 4, 2022:

  • Essential Skills Work Visa
  • Essential Skills Work Visa — Approved in principle
  • Accredited Employer Work Visa
  • Long-Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa
  • Silver Fern Job Search Visa
  • Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa

What Are The Requirements Of The Accredited Employer Work Visa(AEWV)?

You must meet these basic requirements to apply for an AEWV:

  • You must have an offer of full-time work (at least 30 hours a week) from an accredited employer
  • Your employer must pay you at least the New Zealand median wage unless your occupation is exempt
  • You must have the necessary skills and qualifications for the job you’ve been offered
  • You must meet New Zealand’s health and character requirements

What Can You Do On An AEWV?

With an Accredited Employer Work Visa(AEWV), you can:

  • Work in New Zealand for an accredited employer
  • Live and work in New Zealand for up to three years if you’re paid at or above the New Zealand median wage, and for up to 2 years if you are paid below the median wage
  • Study for up to 3 months in any 12-month period, or do any study required as part of your employment

You Could Qualify For A Fast-track To Residence Or Have A Work-to-residence Pathway

The Green List, a new list of 85 positions with a skills deficit in crucial areas of the New Zealand economy, was released by Immigration New Zealand.
No occupation on the Green List is required for you to apply for an AEWV, but if you do, you may be able to expedite your residency or have a work-to-residence pathway.
AEWV holders who meet the requirements for work-to-residence must wait two years before submitting an application for residency.

    Occupations on the Green List that offer a fast track to the residence are in the:
    Health and social services
    Primary industries and sciences
    ICT, electronics, and telecommunications
  2. Work-to-residence Pathway
    Occupations on the Green List that offer a work-to-residence pathway are in the:
    •Health and social services

Accredited Employer Work Visa Application Duration

On average, New Zealand process AEWV applications in 13 weekdays. 90% of applications are processed within 57 weekdays. Source

New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa advantages

The New Zealand AEWV offers several advantages to both employers and visa holders. Here are some key advantages:

For Employers:

  1. Streamlined process: Accredited employers benefit from a faster and streamlined visa process for their prospective employees. This can save time and effort in hiring foreign workers.
  2. Access to skilled workers: The visa allows employers to recruit skilled workers from overseas to fill specific job vacancies where there are no suitable New Zealanders available. This provides access to a broader pool of talent.
  3. Long-term employment: The visa duration can be up to 30 months, allowing employers to retain skilled workers for an extended period, reducing recruitment and training costs.

For Visa Holders:

  1. Job security: Being employed by an accredited employer provides a higher level of job security as the employer has met the criteria set by Immigration New Zealand.
  2. Pathway to residence: The AEWV can provide a pathway to residence in New Zealand. After working for an accredited employer for a specified period and meeting other immigration requirements, visa holders may be eligible to apply for residency.
  3. Work flexibility: Visa holders can work in New Zealand in the specified occupation for the accredited employer. They may also have the freedom to change employers within the accredited employer scheme without needing to apply for a new work visa.

It’s important to note that while the AEWV offers advantages, it also has specific requirements and criteria that need to be met by both the employer and the visa applicant. It’s advisable to consult the official website of Immigration New Zealand or seek professional advice for detailed information and guidance on the advantages and requirements of the AEWV.

Accredited Employer Work Visa which is designed to attract highly skilled individuals to work for accredited employers in New Zealand. This visa falls under the Talent Accredited Employers category, which is different from the standard Talent Accredited Employer Work Visa.

Under the Accredited Employers Work Visa, eligible individuals who have a job offer from an accredited employer can apply for a work visa. The employer must meet specific accreditation criteria set by Immigration New Zealand. This visa category is primarily focused on attracting individuals with exceptional talent, skills, or experience that are in demand in New Zealand.

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