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Portugal D2 VISA

Portugal D2 VISA

Portugal D2 VISA

Entrepreneurs who wish to reside in Portugal may do so with the D2 Visa. A new firm must be founded or an existing company or its part must be purchased in order to qualify for a D2 visa. Foreign nationals from non-EU nations who want to engage in independent professional activity may be granted a D2 visa. The primary goal of this visa is to attract outside funding for the expansion of the Portuguese economy. You need a strong business plan. Your business proposal will be assessed for its relevance to the economy, society, sciences, technology, and culture. There are no restrictions on the type of business you can start in Portugal with the D2 visa. It may be a tech start-up, an import or export company, a cafe, a restaurant, or a guest house. Even better, you can open a branch of your current international company in Portugal.

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Who Can Apply Portugal D2 Visa?

The Portugal D2 visa is open to non-EU/EEA citizens who:

  • Either want to start a business in Portugal
  • Or already have a business in Portugal but have not yet applied for a visa.

 Applicants who are eligible should be Entrepreneurs, independent professional, start-ups, investors, company owners, shareholders, partner, Board of directors, branch owners and share-holder partners and directors.

Requirement for the Portugal D2 visa

For Portugal D2 Visa you must  meet all the requirements that are set by the Portuguese government.  Your application will be thoroughly and carefully reviewed by experts.

So you must have

  • A solid well-structured business plan
  • A viable business
  • Sufficient capital
  • Solid business reasoning for the creation of the business.
  • Proof of the financial resources to support the setup and growth of the business.


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