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Digital Nomad VISA

Digital Nomad VISA

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Visa has been introduced in Portugal. A specific form of visa was made available at the end of October for anyone who wanted to remain in Portugal while continuing to work there (remotely). Being a digital nomad nowadays in Portugal is even more exciting. Applications for the first digital nomad visa of its kind in Europe opened on October 30, 90 days after the Portuguese government revised the country’s immigration laws. The Digital Nomad visa, which was just introduced, is designed with remote workers in mind.

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Requirement

Your income is the main requirement for Portugal’s digital nomad visa. In the three months prior to applying, you must have earned at least four times Portugal’s minimum salary, which is €2,820 per month. 

This visa is intended specifically for nationals of third countries; thus it would be advantageous if you worked for a firm outside of Portugal or were self-employed. documents, proof of employment, and income proof for the previous three months. 

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